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It isn't just traditional colleges that are moving online, community colleges and some vocational schools are also getting involved with online education.

While a lot of the trade schools and service-type of vocational training still needs to be done in a classroom or lab where students can get the hands-on training they need to succeed in a specific service or vocational position, community colleges are offering many of their courses online now. These online options can be a great benefit to some prospective students.

The field of graphic design is popular with online students. Not all coursework can be performed on a computer, but some of the software-specific learning and theory translates well to an online experience. Learn more about online design courses.

Another field is animation. Becoming a professional animator takes a good deal of practice with the most current animation software.

There aren't that many schools that teach animation, so you may have to move away to a city that offers it, or you can enroll in an online school. A guide such as can help you find out what classes are available.

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