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While some high school seniors know exactly what they want to study in college, most incoming college freshmen are still trying to figure out exactly what field they will be going into.

One college major that seems popular with some students is graphic design. A graphic arts major combines the creativity and expression of an art major with the practically of an advertising or marketing major. Most graphic arts students have a good sense of the visual arts and have a degree of artistic ability. Their college classes teach them about how to blend those talents into creating projects for businesses and other organizations. You can learn more about different degrees in the design field.

There are design schools in most major cities, but some have more than others. Cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are some of the hot spots for design training. You can learn more about enrolling at a design school in Los Angeles.

Another field that employers are still very active in is hospitality management. Hospitality management students learn about business and what it takes to run a restaurant, hotel, resort or other hospitality service. Graduates from these programs are generally entered into a management training program at a hotel or restaurant chain. From there, they work their way up the management ladder. You can learn more about restaurant management careers and how to start your college training.

A lot of working professionals are interested in pursuing a graduate degree, but they have trouble attending graduate school one day a week for five years or so. The rise of online schools has helped many of these types of students take some classes and actually earn their master's degree. These students are often in the fields of business, teaching, nursing and engineering.

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