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Many students are enrolling at a campus-based university, but then also taking some of their classes online. This hybrid approach to college works really well for some students, especially the older student who is juggling a full-time job, or family responsibilities along with their college classes.

Most colleges will have some online courses available. These courses are usually at the lower level of classes, often an introductory course to a subject. Upper level classes are usually still taught in a classroom. You can find out more about these class options by checking your school or potential schools in your state. You can check out New York schools or Minneapolis schools, for example, if you are interested in those two cities.

Not every college major or career field is well-suited to online learning. Culinary arts training is one field that you can learn online, but it is better suited to classroom learning. Training to become a chef requires book learning, but students also need to practice the daily operations of a working kitchen and to learn how to work with the knives and other kitchen tools that professional chefs use. You can learn more about becoming a professional chef and even look into culinary schools in your area.

Most towns will not have a good culinary school, but your larger cities will. And culinary schools in different areas will teach most of the same lessons, but there will be some differences based on location. Seattle cuisine will be different from Miami, and Boston will be different than Dallas.

Another field that does better with actual classroom learning instead of online courses is auto mechanics. Becoming a professional mechanic also requires hands-on experience working with tools and machinery that can't be duplicated on a computer. You can learn the theory and the processes, but you need to actually get your hands dirty to become a good auto, truck or motorcycle mechanic. Learn more about becoming a mechanic.

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